Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms

What is GLECA?


Who are the Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (GLECA)?

More than just a martial arts group, we have been described variously as everything from fitness to family - we could go on, but the best people to answer that question are our students...


We are the Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms (or GLECA for short) a fully accredited Western Martial Arts college with branches based in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and Malta. We teach a blend of traditional Western Martial Arts and modern sports science biomechanics.

Glen Lachlann teaches a wholistic style of combat, where students are taught to fight in a supported martial environment with a variety of weapons including longsword and single-handed sword, but also with unarmed, cane and improvised weapon techniques.

The Glen Lachlann martial fitness component trains each student to both move & fight efficiently and to strengthen the muscles & tendons required for swordplay.

Where to Find Us - Melbourne


Tuesday Sessions

Bio-Conditioning and sword skills technique & training
6:30pm - 7:30pm: Bioconditioning
7:30pm - 9pm: Weapons training
9pm - 9:30pm: Free bouting

Semester 1: March 14 - June 28 2023

Venue: 28 St Martins Ln, South Yarra VIC 3141
St Martins Youth Arts Center

Please contact us at before attending your first training session.

Where to Find Us - Sydney

Monday and Wednesday
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Venue: 112 Edwin st Croydon NSW 2132

Where to Find Us - Other Locations

We have additional branches. Find out all about them over on our Locations page.


The Glen Lachlann Estate College of Arms can be found at many events throughout the year. We are always happy to give you a run-down on what it is we do, a short demonstration or a brief lesson.

Find out about these events on our Events page.